Monday, October 27, 2014

Lots of runners and walkers!

We are getting lots of runners and walkers registering for the race! Be one of them and sign up today.

See these two smiling kids? This was taken at an event for Sean over the summer and I am so glad Sean's mom snapped this photo.  Still at CHOP, Sean seems to be on the rebound from his very recent stem-cell transplant with climbing counts, less pain and more energy.  Our family knows all too well what it is like to spend a month in the hospital watching your child in pain and worrying about them.  It is an alternate universe, a cave of machines and beeping iv pumps, constant coming and goings of doctors and nurses, time crawls and it feels like you will never be able to leave.  But Sean will go home soon and we will be here cheering him on and supporting his parents and brother.
Join us for a great day where you will make a difference you can see, in the lives of a local family.
Emilia is in remission with a mission! See you there!

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