Sunday, September 14, 2014

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September will now forever be a month to  promote awareness of pediatric cancers and remember all those who lost their battle.  This September we are doing our part by organizing a fund raiser to help a local boy's family who is deep in battle, as we were this time last year.  Emilia is officially in remission for six months but is hoping that the momentum of our successful event last year can continue each year to help other families.
Have you read about Sean Bartolucci?  Earlier this year I received an email from a friend asking if she could give my number to this family because they just got a cancer diagnosis for their son and she thought they could use a contact who had experience in this overwhelming new world.  I exchanged a few emails with Michele, Sean's mom, but only met her months later at a kickball tournament fundraiser.  Though we had never met or even spoken on the phone, when I met her I hugged her and knew that we, like many cancer families, had a shared experience and understanding.  We are honored to be a part of Sean's healing and the family's support to get them through the next crucial part of treatment, a stem cell transplant.
Please check back for more information about Sean and to register for the 5K on November 8.
See you soon!
link to register for 5K:

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