Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Help Us Welcome Emilia Home After Her Final Chemo Treatment!

GREAT NEWS! Emilia and her family spent the weekend at Penn State THON and had a great time! EVEN BETTER NEWS! Emilia is currently in the hospital receiving her FINAL chemo treatment! What a long and hard road it has been for Emilia and her family. How grateful we are that she has successfully completed her treatment for Ewing's sarcoma! Thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers and support!

PLEASE HELP US WELCOME EMILIA HOME!! The Helping Hands for Emilia group, Emilia's family, and the entire community of Lemoyne, PA are joining forces to organize a HOMECOMING PARADE for Emilia and her family on Saturday, 3/1/14 at 11:00 AM, as Emilia arrives home from her final chemotherapy hospitalization. We would love for all of you to join us in lining the streets to surprise Emilia and celebrate her health! 

THIS IS A SECRET – we are trying diligently to ensure that Max and Emilia do not find out about this. Please make sure not to post anything to Instagram, and perhaps wait to tell your children. YOU CAN HELP by making signs or banners, bringing out noise makers, holding balloons and lining the streets to cheer on Emilia and the family as they pass by!! Please feel free to wear bright neon pink (Emilia’s favorite color), your Wiggity Wig Walk t-shirt, or your Helping Hands for Emilia t-shirt if you have one! PLEASE tell your neighbors and friends to stand on the parade route and cheer!! Even if they don't personally know Emilia, we would love to have lots of people showing support for Emilia and her family!

PLEASE NOTE: Emilia may not feel well and this may be overwhelming for her. Please do not stop by her home after the parade or line the streets close to their home, in order to give the family their privacy. Emilia will be recovering from a heavy chemo treatment and most likely will not feel very well.

PARADE ROUTE: The family will be traveling via local emergency service vehicles from Firestone Motors Trucking @ 330 Third Street, making a left onto Market St, a right on 7th Street, and then a left onto Ohio Ave.

THANK YOU for your support!!

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